• DIVITEC has been established in November 2007 as an anonymous share holders company as a major distributor of KODAK Photo consumer products in Greece .
  • In 2009 after the closure of KODAK’s subsidiary in Greece and Balkans ,DIVITEC was appointed as the exclusive KODAK distributor for Greece and was also given the distribution rights in certain Balkans countries through the use of local Distributors. It was formed by 100% ex KODAK Greece employees and the major shareholder and General manager is Lazaros Piatopoulos who was for 10 years General manager of KODAK Eastern Europe ,managing 20 countries.
  • Product lines : Tablet PC, smart watches, Hard disks, USB sticks, SD cards, CD/DVD ,Digital Photo frames, Audio products, Video Projection, PC Monitors , IT accessories, Laptop cases, Gaming, Powerbanks
  • Present in all major CES retailers ,Telephone providers and E-shops
  • Hi Fi dealers (about 50 shops)
  • Small CES stores (about 300 shops)
  • 500 active resellers of IT Technology products
  • Wholesalers (3)
  • Dedicated resources to achieve business goals
  • Implement a multi-threaded social media marketing plan to achieve maximum market share
  • Excellent marketing and sales skills as all employees originate from multinational companies with extensive training and experience.
  • Excellent marketing support and experience through own personnel plus external advertizing agencies
  • Large logistic partner ORPHEE BEINOGLOU able to cover all needs whatsoever the volume or product line. DIVITEC currently handles around 1000 active Catalog numbers
  • Strong financial company background
  • Owners are skilled professionals with international general management skills.
  • Able to distribute products in another 5 countries through its distribution network of partners.
  • Strong willingness to invest in new partners (brands) that offer quality products with good value for money.
  • Strong selling skills in a Business to Business environment with the proper infrastructure in sales forecasting, monitoring and analysis.
  • Experience in managing large portfolio of products with stock analysis
  • Excellent personal relationship with all Buyers/Managers/Owners of CES retailers and Photo store owners.
  • Representing existing major international brands strengthens the overall portfolio and importance to retailers.
  • DIVITEC is the right partner to expand your business in Greece and Balkans as it
  • Has the financial capacity to build new business ventures.
  • Has already established the necessary relationships with the largest Consumer electronics chains, Telecom providers, IT dealers, Educational and Photo segments.
  • Is able to invest in new personnel to support an extended product portfolio or completely new business.
  • Has the established infrastructure in logistics, information systems, financial and auditing structure to accommodate new business
  • Has internationally experienced management that works with the ethics, values, processes and aspiration of a multinational company.


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