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Being in the wood-working business for 20 years, you have learned of wood’ s properties, its aging process and durability. When you are in sound engineering and High-Fidelity reproduction for 25 years, you may claim enough expertise. When music has been in your DNA since an early age then the formula cannot be but infallible.

I believe that these are qualifications enough if you want to construct the finest. Our aim has been to display music’ s perfection through reproduction means and to render it clear from any kind of vibration that can distort the standards that music stands for and is obliged to serve excedingly in sound reproduction. But unfortunately our sound systems never managed to deliver maximum performance.

We have been testing equipment racks from two decades now, using all the materials available in the market, the result always being something lacking this unique,natural, effortless and real emotion such as the experience of a concert hall or when auditioning a street musician whose sound is not restricted within four walls, or the sound of a piano in our living room, but it’ s the sound that surrounds us, envelopes us, touches us.

And it’ s the kind of sound that will make us close our eyes and journey with it. Or the sound that will make us stomp our feet to the rythm on the floor and feel all its pace and intensity. This is the kind of sound that we have always wanted. The real sound. The effortless sound.

After six years of study of exotic wood, we finally have found what we have always aimed for. Ebony and exotic woods are our prime materials for best results We always choose the finest, where time has grown them ripe and are ready to be processed. Our entire construction is hand-crafted with massif-wood and our materials are morticed with press-fit technology. The dye is also hand-made, done with the use of waxes and oils that leave the material unaffected to work naturally.

Another material, which from the beginning, we believed that we could succeed with it as the best, for the vibration damping, is the Graphite. Our inspirations were the creations of Yamamura with the fantastic Graphite Turntable and the Graphite Base. You can find Graphite in the broad market in many forms and varieties.

For three years almost we have listened to our Reference System a number of 52 different varietes and treatments of Graphite qualities. The differencies according to the quality and the treatment are huge and complex. After continuous listening, we understood the Golden Section and we choose our own criteria. I challenge you to try our products and to compare them with any other similar product is released. Believe me, you would have paid less and you will get much more. It sounds selfish but it is the truth most of the times.

With greate pleasure I welcome you to my wonderful world…


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